Egyptian & Chinese Feng Shui seminars and more …….

impart wholistic simple-to-apply practical skills
. . that creates instant good feng shui house, good feng shui office,
good  energy space -  open & builtup & more
. . carry out diagnosis and energy healing
. . divine & more
that produces verifiable good harmonic personal wellbeing & more

Everything is Energy (qi) – Albert Einstein

Qi (also known as bioenergy, prana, life force etc) is essential to life, as to the Chinese without qi is without life (Chinese use the term “duan qi” or qi break to denote death).

Qi in a harmonious balance state is a prerequisite for

  • Good health (basic principle of TCM and Complementary Healing Therapies)
  • Wealth and other good aspects of life to flow smoothly to oneself (basic principle of Bazi – Chinese astrology)
  • Good feng shui of any house or space (underpining principle of all feng shui – Chinese, Egyptian, Indian etc)

eBe™ Bioenergy Seminars offers unique practice-oriented training (personally instructed by Francis Lim) in

EgyptianEgyptian Feng Shui & Healing Seminars(eBe Egyptian Environmental & People Healing Arts)

* Unique practical skills that can be applied immediately at environmental and/or personal level and instant energy change (before & after – bad to good) can be verified with a special simple-to-use energy tool.  No waiting to see whether it works or not! eBe skills fully complement and enhances whatever type of feng shui you practice

** A primer on eEEFS focusing on eBe Egyptian good energy design principles with live practicals

ChineseChinese Feng Shui & Divination Seminars (Chinese Environmental Healing & Divination Arts)

* Incorporating a unique energy verification technique used in Egyptian Feng Shui

** Incorporating an energy tool to see and follow flow of environmental energy not seen before!

Qi GongOther bioEnergy Seminars (bioEnergy Health Enhancement Arts)

* 3 effective health enhancing qigong styles that has unique shortcut to improve qi exponentially from 1st practice that others takes years to accomplish and yet many failed

** Easy and effective meditation as and when you need it – to reduce stress, improve health, manifest and more